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Small Businesses, Use the Slowdown to your Advantage.

Small enterprises are worst-hit in the event of a global slowdown. One of the biggest challenges businesses face are dwindling customer orders, as your customers are shrinking their inventories. At Bartakke Electrofab, we faced a tough dilemma; whether to dedicate our limited resources to scuffle with our competitors to grab petty orders or to invest […]

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Beautiful and Industrious Satara

How enclosures have opened up a small community ?

Satara is like Malgudi twenty years after R.K. Narayan stopped documenting it. It is a retirement town with large bungalows and cool banyan trees. It has its own eccentricities- self-proclaimed gangsters and lonely exotic dogs stopping to kiss local frogs. Satara has a pulse of someone who has had a speedy recovery after a bypass- […]

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