A Green Company

Actual Site Photograph: Solar Panel Installation

Bartakke is an innovative company involved in the manufacturing of a wide range of enclosures for Electrical and Electronic applications. Our two manufacturing units are located within Maharashtra State Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) area in Satara. Our entire fabrication line is housed in one unit whilst the pre-treatment, powder coating and final assembly is situated in another facility.

This year, we installed 80 KW Solar Power generation plant in our fabrication unit. The electricity generated from this solar grid is sufficient to power all our manufacturing activities. 2016, therefore, marks a crucial year for Bartakke, for we made a significant stride towards reducing our carbon emissions and embracing renewable energy.

The solar system installed at Bartakke is an Off Grid system or Stand Alone Power System (SAPS) i.e, the system is entirely self-sufficient and does not rely on external electrical infrastructure provided by the government or private companies. Our Solar installation is divided between Solar panels of 80 KW mounted on the rooftop, Battery back-up of 600 amp/hour and an Inverter of 80 KW. Using this setup, we are able to run the fabrication facility for the entire day. The battery back-up ensures unhindered supply of power even under cloudy climatic conditions. The batteries are charged from the additional current generated from the Solar Panels.

By installing 80 KW solar power generation system, we have saved 3200 tonnes of carbon emissions in the entire lifespan i.e, 25 years, of the system.

We believe that this project would help create awareness within the local community regarding the looming threat of climate change. We are confident that our company’s efforts to reduce our carbon footprint will inspire various other industrial units to embrace the use of renewable energy to power their operations. Our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, who have been involved in the growth and progress of the company, have welcomed this green initiative. Bartakke’s step towards a greener and sustainable environment was recently commemorated by Tata Steel and Naresh Steel.

We hope to continue adopting green manufacturing practices and strive towards reducing our carbon footprint.